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Freedom Force
Add Prestige
Find the INIT.PY file and open it with Notepad. Type the following, then save.

import ff

Start the game and go to the database screen. Once there, type [Shift] + [~] and a debug menu will appear. Type in Campaign_AddPrestige(9000000) and you will have 9 million prestige.

If this doesn't work type before:
import ff
and use

Other Cheat Codes
You may also use these codes in the same way as the prestige cheat.

ff.god()God Mode, All Chars
ff.peace()Enemies Don't Attack
ff.Mission_Win()Win Current Mission
DEBUG_ALLPOWERS=1Chars Have All Special Powers

Note: These are parentheses at the end of the commands, created using SHIFT+9 and SHIFT+0. Some people have been confused as they may look like zeros or the letter "O" in your browser.


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