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Spy Hunter
Unlock Cheats:
Finish the following levels in the indicated time to unlock the corresponding cheat. Activate the cheats in the System options/Extras/Cheat Grid menu. View the FMVs in the Movie Player.

Saliva Spy Hunter VideoLevel 1 in 3:40
Green HUD Level 2 in 3:35
Saliva Your Disease VideoLevel 3 in 2:40
Night VisionLevel 4 in 3:15
Early Test Anamatic VideoLevel 5 in 3:25
Extra CamerasLevel 6 in 3:45
Rainbow HUD Level 7 in 3:10
Inversion CameraLevel 8 in 3:05
Concept Art VideoLevel 9 in 3:45
Fisheye ViewLevel 10 in 3:15
Camera FlipLevel 11 in 3:10
Puke CameraLevel 12 in 3:30
Making Of VideoLevel 13 in 2:15
Tiny SpyLevel 14 in 5:10
Hover SpyWhole game
Super SpyAll 65 Objects in the game

Unlock FMVs:
Select an empty spot at the start of the game and enter any of the following "Names". If done correctly, the name will disappear and you will hear a clucking sound. Now you can enter your own name:

Classic Spy Hunter Mini GameOGSPY
Saliva: Spy Hunter Theme FMV SequenceGUNN
Early Test Animatic FMV SequenceWWS413
Spy Hunter Concept Art FMV SequenceSCW823
The Making of Spy Hunter FMV SequenceMAKING
Saliva: Your Disease FMV SequenceSALIVA


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