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Matt Hayes Fishing
Cheat Codes
Start game, goto console (hit ~) and enter the following codes:

pikemonWin Current Level
powerup monsterbonusGet Monster Bonus
powerup twominuteTwo Minute Bonus
powerup fiveminuteFive Minute Bonus
powerup powercastGet Powercast
powerup superpowercastGet Super Powercast
powerup silentcastGet Silentcast
powerup stealthboatGet Stealthboat
powerup shallowboatGet Shallowboat
powerup pikeflagGet Pike Flag
powerup bigpikeflagGet Big Pike Flag
powerup lunkerpikeflagGet Lunker Pike Flag
toggle manualcamCam Moves Freely
toggle fpsShow FPS
bonusLureUnknown Effect
metricUnknown Effect
powerup skipcastUnknown Effect


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