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Thank you so much for the suggestion. I have searched and searched for games that play like DM and other than Oblivion, which I cannot get to work on my computer no matter what I do, I haven't found any others. I will get over to Ebay and see if I can find a copy of Juarez. I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for telling me about the game. There were a couple of other games that I really liked a lot that were not great sellers and didn't get great reviews, that I wonder if you have tried. One of them is Trine. Now I am not a big platform game player, at least not since my Captain Comic days but Trine is a terrific game. You play as three different characters each with different abilities, which you are able to switch between instantly. The best thing about the game is the physics...the boxes the wizard can draw and drop on bad guys really fall the way boxes do, the grappling hook the thief uses allows swinging from the rope in a very realistic way, when the fighter jumps the landings and movements are very fluid, etc. The graphics are very beautiful and well thought out. The game is challenging without being impossible, the humor is actually humorous instead of being juvenile and while the game is wonderful for an adult, it is also a game you can allow your child to play without worrying a character is going to say something nasty or end up without a head, spraying a fountain of blood everywhere. The other games I've come across that were pleasant surprises were The Hobbit...again a game challenging enough for adults, fun to do alone and then with a walkthrough, and Black Buccaneer...lots of good puzzles, fairly good fighting and something both you and the kids can play and enjoy. As a former beta tester who started back when King's Quest began and Scott Adams adventures were the "bee's knees" of computer games, I have played the gamut. Still I love finding these little recognized gems and would love to hear of others.
Best Wishes,

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