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  IMPORTANT! Please make sure that your spam settings are not blocking emails from You may need to allow any emails from to come through your spam filter or check your spam folder for the missing email(s) and/or add to your address book.  
  Q: I can't remember my password.  
         Follow this link to have your password re-sent.  
  Q: I used to be Unlimited but when I login using the new email login feature my account is a Free account.  
         You probably have more than one account and used an email for an older account. Try a different email, or try to retrieve your email using this page.  
  Q: I can't remember what email I used when I signed up.  
         First, try this page to retrieve your email. If that doesn't work, send an email to with your username and a copy of your PayPal receipt
       and PayPal email (or similar info).
  Q: I can't login because my membership has expired.  
         You can renew or activate your membership by following this link.  
  Q: I'm having trouble receiving the help emails.  
         Please fill out this form and someone will help you with your problem.  
  Q: I'd like to renew or upgrade my membership, where's the link?  
         Click here to add another year to your existing account. If you're new and wish to signup for a membership, you can register here.  
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