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Game of the Year: Dishonored

In an era where games are becoming more theatrical and lessening player choice, here's a game that not only features it, but encourages it. All of this combined with incredible mechanics, unique art direction and some of the most rewarding gameplay in years make Dishonored not only of the best games of the year, but a must buy that channels some of the best games of our generation, but manages to forge an identity of its own.




By now we've all heard Roger Ebert's thoughts on how games can't be art. We've heard him talk about how even in this age, games will never be able to have the emotional impact that films do. I'm not going to sit here and list all of the reasons I disagree with him, or argue in any manner because I really don't need to.

I'm just going to put it out there -- Journey makes as strong of an argument against Ebert that you could ever need. It may not be for everyone, but like the best art house movies, it tells a remarkable tale in a manner that's sure to break down barriers and be one of those games that you're going to remember for quite some time.



The Walking Dead

It would have been almost too easy for Telltale's The Walking Dead game to be a major disappointment. The zombie genre is of course overdone, and the once-proud developer has had a string of so-so releases in the past few years (I'm looking at you Jurassic Park: The Game). Yes, it would have been easy to make The Walking Dead another shoot first and ask questions later type of game, but thankfully Telltale has captured the spirit of the franchise and given us a poignant and almost touching tale of human desperation under the veil of a zombie apocalypse. It’s one of the most gripping, touching and heart-wrenching games we’ve played in some time.



Mass Effect 3

Bioware's finale for Commander Shepard is, in a word - -stunning. In even more words, it's gripping, engaging, emotionally charged and painstakingly well done. The entire Mass Effect series has felt like a symphony leading up to this, the crashing crescendo that outdoes everything before it. Most importantly, Mass Effect 3 is a fitting tribute to a universe we've spent the last half decade caring about and will leave you thinking about it long after you've finished it.



Far Cry 3

Within ten minutes of Far Cry 3's cinematic opening, I stole a jeep, drove to the top of the highest mountain I could find, sailed down towards the ocean on a hang glider, proceeded to jump on a jet ski, jumped into the ocean and punched a shark. Do I have your attention now?

That in essence is the key to Far Cry 3, it's going to make you feel you're on the cover of one of those old timey men's magazine's from the 40s - -and it's all a complete blast to play. to put it simply, thanks to its huge world's remarkable presentation values and solid mechanics, this one of the most impressive shooters and open world games I've ever played, and when I tried to turn it off for a bit, I couldn't stop thinking about it. It's simple -- don't miss this game.


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