Star Trek Review

Welcome to our CHEATfactor Game Review of Star Trek. We review the game and then factor in how the available cheats affect the overall game experience.

Reviewed on: PC
Developer: Digital Extremes
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Rated: "T" for Teen

CHEATfactor Game Review
by Joe Sinicki
Presentation 5/10 
There's a moment early on in your time with the Enterprise crew where you'll actually be impressed by the visuals, but that ends the moment you try to move a character or interact with an object, or just about anything.
Gameplay 5/10 
Lousy AI on both the enemy and ally side combined with lame missions and uninspired worlds make for one lackluster experience.
Lasting Appeal 2/10 
Star Trek fans are likely to flock to this one since it's been so long that they've had a quality interactive experience they can call their own. They're still going to be waiting as Star Trek offers little to no reason to come back after the initial play session...not play through, play session.
Overall 4/10 
It's almost painful to say this since there was so much buzz around it, but the latest Star Trek game is just that - another disappointing game from one of Sci-Fi's oldest franchises.
CHEATfactor 7/10 

When it comes to Star Trek, the gaming tie in to this summer's much anticipated sequel; Into Darkness from Digital Extremes it must be said that the game looks completely fantastic - as long as you don't move your character, he's not near anything else, the camera is titled at just the right heroic angle...other than that, it's scary bad. It's almost tough to say since the game showed so much promise but Star Trek is an unfinished mess that won't appeal to anyone -even the most die hard fans of the franchise.

Star Trek isn't a direct adaptation of this summer's film, opting instead to tell a brand new story that takes place between the two films. Here, a weapon has been discovered that has the power to tear holes in universes and destroy entire planets and of course, it's in the wrong hands. How did it get there? I dunno, the writers have done such a lackluster job creating Star Trek's plot that major plot lines are completely missing and the game fails to answer even the most basic questions. Even those that the game does explore are often dropped randomly but then picked up at the most inopportune times. Oh remember that thing the game told you about in the beginning of the game but you haven't heard about since - here it is.

"...got even the most basic functions of gameplay astonishingly wrong."


The whole game basically boils down to almost comical basics - some enemies that look like dinosaurs have guns, better shoot them. Sounds easy right? It would be in most cases, but Digital Extremes got even the most basic functions of gameplay astonishingly wrong. Sections of the game where your enemies are attacking you, they'll display some absolutely atrocious AI, like hiding behind tiny objects or even jumping to their own death for no apparent reason. There were a few times when I witnessed four or five of them getting in and out of cover, always in the same pattern, in unison, like a shooting gallery at a carnival - I couldn't help but laugh.

Digital Extremes should get credit for at least attempting to incorporate a number of different ideas and gameplay elements into Star Trek, but none of them work, almost laughably. You'll use your tricorder to find hidden wires and objects -similar to the detective mode in Arkham City, but you'll use it so often it becomes less of a feature and more of a crutch for the developers that's sure to annoy the hell out of you. There are space battles, platforming sections and a number of puzzle sections, and each one is as unappealing as the last. Star Trek also features co-op, and the game is a bit more enjoyable when you're playing with someone else the AI is so remarkably stupid.

"And then there are the glitches."


And then there are the glitches. On several occasions I charged up my phaser to send out a more powerful shot, only to see if blow-up in my face for no apparent reason, sending me to my death. I've been locked in animations, stuck on invisible walls and even randomly died, in the middle of walking. The worst was when I suddenly saw Spock's head inside out - you can't unsee that. In fact, the good majority of the player models in Star Trek are freakishly bad. They animate as if they're made of clay and even though the main cast does add their voices to the game, it's as if someone woke them up in the middle of the night and asked them to read the script - the performances are so incredibly bland and phoned in.

It's almost painful to say this since there was so much buzz around it, but the latest Star Trek game is just that - another disappointing game from one of Sci-Fi's oldest franchises. It's not fun to play, pretty to look at or even interesting in any sense of the word. Sadly, Star Trek feels like it ought to have a red shirt on.

CHEATS USED: No Phaser Overheat, Improved Accuracy, Super Tricorder Power, more

Now here's something that I wasn't expecting...the trainer from Cheat Happens for Star Trek actually made the thing more enjoyable...just a bit. You see, the trainer allows for you to bypass some of the game's worst features, and even if you're lucky enough, get past some of the most mundane sections of the game completely. It's just sad that it took a third party site to make a game from a major motion picture studio even remotely enjoyable.

I particularly liked the no phaser overheat cheat, since the game has no real set amount of time that it will overheat, and you won't have the thing blow-up in in your face. Oh and the improved accuracy feels like how the shooting mechanic should have been in the first place.

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